Wii Classic Controller Pro launching with Monster Hunter Tri

Capcom's online action game given April launch window, $60 bundle with North American debut of Nintendo's updated pad.

Two hit Japanese Wii products will be making their long-awaited North American debuts in tandem. Capcom today announced that when Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii arrives in April, it will be accompanied by Nintendo's Wii Classic Controller Pro.

The black Classic Controller Pro will be bundled with Monster Hunter Tri.

The game will be available on its own for $50, or in a bundle with a black Classic Controller Pro for $60. Those wanting the controller but not the game will be able to buy it a la carte in white and black versions for $20.

A redux of the more-traditional gamepad primarily used for Virtual Console games, the Classic Controller Pro features a number of aesthetic and ergonomic tweaks over its original iteration. Namely, the ZL and ZR shoulder buttons have been moved behind the existing L and R top buttons in a manner similar to Sony's DualShock line of controllers. Also calling up images of the PlayStation gamepad, the Pro features protruding hand grips. Lastly, the Wii Remote connection cord now extends from the top of the controller instead of from the bottom.

The controller's similarity to Sony's efforts is one reason to pair its launch with that of Monster Hunter Tri. The Monster Hunter series debuted on the PlayStation 2 and was console-exclusive to Sony's systems prior to Tri's release. Even that game was initially announced as a PlayStation 3-exclusive. However, citing the "high development cost of titles for PS3," Capcom said in October 2007 that it would be releasing the title for Nintendo's console instead.

Monster Hunter is already a best-seller in Japan, where it went on sale last summer. Multiplayer is a central part of the action game, which will sport four-player online co-op as well as two-player split-screen action. Lone gamers can also compete in a single-player mode, questing through the game's remote wilderness with a survival expert companion. GameSpot's preview has more details on the game.

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